Hiking “Mt. Reagan”

The following was posted by David Briggs on www.LocalHikes.com:

Distance:  4.5 miles
Elevation:  Gain: 1600 ft
Hike Time:  3 hours
Difficulty:  Strenuous
Trail Condition:  Fire road/pavement
HikeType:  Point to Point

Summary: This is a very, very steep gravel road. The best time to hike this would be Fall, Winter or Spring. After you get to the top of the false summit (great resting spot) and start down into the saddle look on both side to see some really nice barrel cacti. Don’t let the steepness stop you from going all the way to the top as the view is spectacular. If it is a clear day you can see all the casinos to the southwest. Looking west is Red Rock and Mount Charleston. Then look northwest to see Nellis Air Force Base, and farther north to see Las Vegas Speedway. The great part is if the jets are taking off & landing at the Air Base.

Trailhead: From Spring Mountain Blvd. on the Strip, get on I-15 North and get off at the Lake Mead exit. Go east until you get to the mountains. In about 1 mile or so beyond, look to the south (on your right) and you will see a very steep gravel road heading up the mountain. Park on the outside of the fence and just start walking up that very steep gravel road. You will be able to see a metal pole with a gate about 10 min from the road. That gate has been open every time I have been up there. Just follow the road until you get to top. (Lat:36.12152 Lon:-114.59362)

What hikers say…

Paul Smith of Falmouth, MA.  December 2012

Paul Smith of Falmouth, MA. December 2012

“An amazing view of Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and Boulder City.”
Jennifer Jones
“I appreciate the weird harsh beauty of the desert.  It’s totally quiet, and when you finally get to the top the view is A…M…A…Z…I…N…G!  Lake Mead on one side, and all of Vegas on the other.”
Sarah Jane W. of Las Vegas
“The views are unparalleled.  Amazeballs.  There were many moments on the hike when I wished I were someplace else but after completing the hike they are now a distant memory.”
Jeff T. of Las Vegas
“The family and I were heading to Las Vegas for a softball tournament, so before we left I found looked for a peak to climb. I ended up finding a popular hike that was that was only 10 miles from the hotel. Great views of Vegas on one side and Lake Mead and its surrounding desert on the other.”
Dan Robbins, IdahoSummits.com
“A neat highlight was watching some of the jets taking off from nearby Nellis Air Force Base to do some practice runs.”
Scott Surgent of Arizona
“The summit is not pristine wilderness, but the views of town to the west and of the Lake Mead region to the east are spectacular. Plus, this is such a landmark that from anywhere in town, you can point at the peak brag to everyone about your ascent.”
Jim Boone, birdandhike.com
“This is not a hike for the casual person.  The payoff for all this hard work is the view.  I was conflicted about whether this should be a 4 or 5 star rating and I finally decided on the 5 stars.  The view makes this hike ‘as good as it gets’ in spite of the work to reach the goal.”
Norm K. of Las Vegas
“On a clear day, the vistas are outstanding, even as your legs and lungs are crying for mercy.”
Christie O. of Las Vegas
“The hike is fraught with challenges: loose rock, an insanely steep path, and numerous switchbacks. However, the view of both the Las Vegas valley and Lake Mead is a worthwhile reward for this four mile roundtrip hike.”
Erika Schroeder of Examiner.com
“I don’t understand why this mountain isn’t overrun with hikers. I’ve climbed close to 100 mountains, and this may just be my favorite.”
“WalkswithBlackflies” of Syracuse, New York
“I had my bachelor party in Vegas back in 2002. In between all the debauchery, a few friends and I took the time to (hike Frenchman Mountain).  What a great day.  I only expected to be partying all weekend and I happened to be able to bag a peak as well.  We saw some fighter planes buzzing around the mountains – must have been from the nearby base.”
Bill Jirousek of Shaker Heights, Ohio
“The chief interest in climbing the mountain is the fabulous view it offers of Las Vegas.  Arguably, only the Stratosphere Tower offers a better one.”
“The view is everything you think it would be if you are living in the Las Vegas valley looking up.”
Paul W. of Henderson
“Think of it as Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.  You’ll burn more calories than you think on this steep, eight-mile round-trip hike.  Fortunately, the surroundings get prettier with each step, culminating in a spectacular view of the city.”
Heidi Kyser and Andrew Kiraly, DesertCompanion.com
“HARD HARD HIKE!  Bring walking sticks.  But OH MY G it was an amazing view at the top.  You can see Lake Mead on one side and the Strip on the other.  Very amazing and totally worth it.”
Manish S. of Las Vegas
“I’ve climbed this mountain half a dozen times over the years.  The last time I went up via the access road with a group of people at night. The views of the Las Vegas lights at night are awesome from the top.”
LV Hiker of Las Vegas
“Frenchman Mountain is a great place to bring a picnic dinner, watch the sunset over the distant Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, then watch the lights of Vegas carpet the valley floor, which seems to start right at your feet. Don’t forget your headlamp for the hike down. Hiking poles are also recommended.”